About me

Indrek Luuk

My name is Indrek Luuk, and I do electronics as a hobby. I also have a Youtube channel where I post new project videos and tutorial videos semi-regularly.

I have been doing programming for most of my life. When I was in high school - at the end of the nineties and early two-thousands - I was mostly using Pascal. Turbo Pascal to be more exact since that was taught in our school. I also did some experimentation with C and C++ at the time.

My first job was programming embedded systems with C++. Back then, I didn't get any experience with electronics myself. Other people in the company handled the designing and manufacturing of the devices. I was only participating in the development of the software for it. I did that bout six years. Since then, I have professionally been doing Java development for web applications.

I discovered Arduino and 3D printing around 2013-2014. I was amazed by how cheap microcontrollers can be and bought a bunch of Arduinos and random components to play with — then purchased a 3D printer soon after, since, without proper housing, Arduino projects can look more like rat's nests than actual devices.

By now, my component collection has grown a lot. I have been building up my knowledge of electronics in general. For me, electronics is still purely a hobby, and I do it in my free time during the evenings and at the weekends.